About Us

Don Canova and Gianna “Gigi” Tiliakos have been longtime friends. Both having grown up in the restaurant business, they are no strangers to the hard work that it takes to make a successful restaurant. The decision to come together as partners and rebrand Canova Italian Bar & Grill to represent a new generation of restauranteurs was an easy one. They are overjoyed to continue each of their family’s legacies and look forward to what the future will bring.

Don Canova is the son of famous chef and restauranteur Luciano Canova. Growing up, Don was always by his father’s side in the kitchen, watching as he brought his Grandmother and Great-Grandmother’s recipes to life and presented them to his loyal customers who have all grown to love his superb representation of what Northern Italian food has to offer. It is no surprise that Dons love of food and the food industry has gained him nothing but success at Canova Italian Bar & Grill in Attleboro. The delicious food, the warm and comforting atmosphere, and the gracious staff make it a well-known place to come to for a meal that you are guaranteed be satisfied.

Gigi was also raised working by her father Manos Tiliakos’ side in their family’s well-known pizzeria. She watched her father as he built a successful following where they were known for their quality service and delicious food. The family formed long lasting relationships and are still remembered as premier quality pizza in the south shore. When Manos decided to retire and sell his pizzeria, Gigi went to work with her friends over at Luciano’s Restaurant, and she continued to work there for several years, cultivating her knowledge of fine-dining and Italian cuisine.

It is with great family pride and a respect for each other’s knowledge and expertise that Don & Gigi have decided to come together as partners at Canova and rebrand the restaurant to be now known as Don & Gigi’s Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria. They look forward to carrying on their family’s high standards and traditions, as well as building their own legacies for their children and future grandchildren to carry on for generations to come. It is with full love for their family’s that they wish to continue to bring you the excellence that both of their Father’s brought them up to know and to make each one of them proud.